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Physiotherapist – Osteopath Number 4950

Julia Mast is a German physiotherapist and osteopath. Her vocation for health and sports led her to sports physiotherapy training.

She has always been linked to the world of tennis, working in numerous international tournaments such as the WTA Mallorca Open, the ATP250 Mercedescup (Stuttgart), the ATP250 Mallorca Championship, the ATP250 Betthulks Championships (Cologne) and the BBVA Valencia Open.
After finishing her physiotherapy degree from the University of Valencia (2011-2015), she completed her training with the Master of Osteopathy from the European University (2015 – 2019). Furthermore, she is an expert in the therapeutic Pilates method. Physiotherapy and sport go hand in hand in her career; beyond her specialization in the world of tennis, she has also carried out professional practice in other sports such as basketball and field hockey.

She currently directs the Integral Health & Wellbeing Center of the Mallorca Lawn Tennis Country Club and works in the ATP international circuit.

Clinic/Technical Workshops
Julia Mast gives talks and theoretical-practical workshops to sports clubs, federations, and sporting events, with a focus on prevention and treatment of various sports injuries.

“Without a proper diagnosis you’re simply treating the symptoms. Whilst this might improve in the short term, the problem almost always reoccurs. Being able to accurately diagnose the cause of your injury and treat/manage accordingly is what separates the top practitioners.”

Health Management & Organisation of Medical Services at sport events

Performance & Sports Physiotherapy consulting